Since many years project adviser “Hermann Schopferer” is dedicated in respect of organic Shea. As expert for the country and it’s people he chose the rainy region in south-west of Burkina Faso, due to the high stand of Karité trees. Once a year Karité-Fruits were harvested and the organic certification executed. The producer groups obtain fair prices for their products and additional annual purchase quantities were guaranteed, which benefits the preservation of village communities.

After collection Shea-Nuts were dried, peeled, heated and in mortars stomped. The originated mass diluted with water and ca. 1 hour slapped, then Shea-Butter can be skimmed for further use.

Till today Shea-Butter is produced in association of farmers, fields are ownership of co-operative-
organized women. Shea sale secure women of Burkina reliable, continuous provision with basic supplies for food, medicine and enabling them to bring up school fees for their children.

Pictures: Hermann Schopferer, 2013


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